Large churches, small churches and those in between agree on one thing—reaching and discipling children for Christ may be the single most important ministry a church can undertake. Children are the future of the church. Studies indicate that 80% of believers accepted Christ as their Savior before age 13. It’s why effective, Bible-based kids ministries are so important.  But finding one program to meets the needs of large and small churches isn’t easy.

For smaller churches that want a weekly kids ministry, it can be difficult to determine how many kids will attend. And there are always questions: “Where will we find volunteers…and what about the cost? What if a ministry geared to a smaller group of kids needs a bigger program when the small group grows into a large group?”

Larger churches have their own unique set of challenges. Finding volunteers to serve and kids to attend isn’t as much of an issue. The question most often asked is “How do we provide a strong Bible-based curriculum for a large number of kids while still maintaining the relationship-building elements necessary for discipling?”

Churches need kids. Kids need Christ. And we believe churches need DELTA.

DELTA, which stands for Disciples Equipped for Life Transformation and Action, is a unique kids ministry with two “arms.” The first arm is for smaller groups of kids (2-20). This “All-in-One” is designed with a one-room schoolhouse format for grades 1-6 with up to two leaders. Then there’s the other arm, the large group/small group format for 20-500 or more kids. Children meet in one group where a Large Group Leader hosts the singing, prayer and Bible lesson. Next, kids split up into smaller, age-graded groups of 8-10 kids with a Small Group Leader to delve deeper into God’s Word, Bible memory and skill and games awards.

DELTA is a Bible-based, simple, complete, flexible and affordable program. Here’s why:

Bible-based. DELTA is solidly grounded in the timeless truths of God’s Word. Kids study Scripture while also learning to actually open the Bible and use it to find verses and memorize them. Additionally, kids across all age-groups (Hikers, Adventurers and Navigators) are all learning the same lesson at the same time, but at age-appropriate levels.

Simple. Everything you need to run this program is provided in the curriculum books. The introduction of every leader’s book not only explains how to run the program but also gives you meeting and resource options, tells how to lead a child to Christ and suggests when and where to promote your DELTA club ministry to your church and community. And Bible awards, skill awards and games awards are simply triangle stickers placed on the appropriate spot on a DELTA “emblem” worn around club members necks on a lanyard. No need to worry about how to display awards or how many to buy.

Complete. All the information you need to run a club meeting is provided in each lesson. There’s no need to come up with a lesson plan, activity ideas or Bible memory techniques—it’s all there. You just come prepared.

Flexible. Churches running the All-in-One format for smaller groups of kids can easily transition into the large group/small group format without purchasing new kids handbooks. The lessons are the same. In fact, you can even transfer to the new format in the middle of the DELTA club year!

Affordable. Finally, DELTA is extremely affordable for any church, but especially for smaller churches with tighter budgets. Compare our program cost with similar programs and you’ll see where we stand. Additionally, smaller churches moving to the large group/small group format from the All-in-One can stay with the handbooks they’ve already purchased because the content is the same; only the format changes.

This marks the first year that churches are using DELTA. A total of six years of DELTA are in the works. But even at this early date, the responses have been overwhelming.

“DELTA—Disciples Equipped for Life Transformation and Action!! Awesome! Love the whole triangle concept…mind, heart and body and also to symbolize the Trinity,” wrote Rachel Elliot of Brookside church. “That delta is a term for transformation… transforming children’s lives as they trust Jesus for eternity and learn how to follow Him in every aspect of life. Perfect. This is what our church is all about.

Our commitment is to provide churches and families with the best ministry resources possible so they can reach and serve any and every child. DELTA is an exciting part of that vision. We hope you’ll join us in reaching kids for Christ in your community.