It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of February and spring is around the corner (at least, I hope it is).

Box-of-ChocolatesAnd by “that time of year” I don’t mean a time for hearts and flowers and little cupids with bows and arrows. I don’t even mean it’s time to prepare the church for lilies, colored eggs and that Easter pageant you put on every year. No, what I meant is that it’s time…drumroll, please…to make a decision about a summer Vacation Bible School curriculum!And we all know what that means! Yes, it’s that time of year again?

If you are the Children’s Ministry Director or a lay leader who is in charge of recommending a summer VBS program, then you know what a challenge it can be. The consumer market is flooded with VBS programs and Pioneer Clubs’ The Wacky World of Water is just one out of many. Figuring out which one you want is like choosing just one piece from a tempting box of chocolates.

So what makes The Wacky World of Water unique? Well, here are some things that I think will make you pause and take a second look.

WWWLogo_BannertypeF First of all, The Wacky World of Water is substance over image. Let’s face it, a VBS program is a great way to reach out to unchurched kids, but the kids in your children’s ministry program will also attend. So the dilemma is to find a VBS program that is fun and challenges your church’s kids, while also being understandable to the unchurched kids who attend.

At Pioneer Clubs we realize that your VBS program may be the only opportunity that unchurched kids have to be introduced to Jesus as their Savior. Barna research indicates nearly half of all North Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior do so before reaching the age of 13 (43%). For this reason, every VBS program we produce will have the ultimate goal of reaching kids with the gospel. The program has been specifically designed to lead them toward greater biblical knowledge of what salvation means and why it’s important. But of course…we do it in a wacky, wet and water-filled way! Each day’s lesson starts with clearly stated learning objectives that all VBS leaders will have in front of them. And…the daily Bible passages are clearly tied to the day’s Bible focus.

Did you know that most churches in America are considered small to mid-sized? That means that they have 250 or fewer regular adult worship attenders. That also means they have fewer volunteers to draw from and more limited financial resources. But many, if not most, VBS programs on the market are elaborate productions with whole catalogs of necessary “extras” that you must purchase in order to run a successful VBS. Well, we really don’t share that approach. Small and mid-size churches are people, too!

So simplicity is at the heart of The Wacky World of Water. You don’t have to put on a theater production to run our program. A handful of dedicated volunteers and everyday props like buckets, brooms, tables and chairs (with a couple of sheets thrown in for good measure) can suggest all the scenery you need for each day’s opening session and Bible story. We also designed the program to be simple to run. We suggest ways that volunteers can serve in dual roles, the preschool program mirrors what’s being done in the elementary program, lessons are easy to follow and you don’t need an advanced degree to understand them.

The Wacky World of Water is also collaborative and cooperative, not competitive! Today’s world is filled with competition and the idea that “the first shall be first and the last, last.” We have a philosophy that kids benefit from learning about cooperation and teamwork. So all of our crafts, snacks and games emphasize working together toward a common goal. Whether building banana splits, making colored sand and rock jars or celebrating each other’s achievements in games, kids learn what working together is all about.

And of course…The Wacky World of Water is fun! Yes, I know other VBS programs are fun but this one is really, really fun! I mean, come on! It’s all about water and getting wet. What kid on the planet on a hot summer day will refuse to get wet?! The Wacky World of Water has multiple opportunities to get wet—water balloons, squirt bottles, hoses, buckets…and the list goes on. And the music is easy to learn AND extremely catchy, especially our theme song (in fact, I’m humming it now).

So…all in all I think you owe it to yourself to take a closer look. And if you decide to try The Wacky World of Water and you end up having a wacky and wonderful VBS this summer, well, I promise not to say, “I told you so!”

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