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Holly Pippin

About Holly Pippin

Hi! I’m Holly (and no, I was not born around Christmas). I was actually born on another holiday—Groundhog’s Day, which I celebrate every year because it’s my birthday (of course!) and by watching the movie of the same name starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. I grew up in New Jersey, but thankfully didn’t pick up an accent, and came to Illinois to go to college. After graduating I was trapped in Illinois when my first job as a media assistant kept me here. I have been trapped here ever since. I would much rather live somewhere warm—like Hawaii. As the Editorial Manager at Pioneer Clubs, I wrestle with the written word on a daily basis. But I love what I do and I have been writing ever since I won my third grade poetry contest. I like to spend my free time outdoors at every opportunity—hiking, cycling and enjoying nature, except during Chicago’s sub zero temperatures! I read voraciously and am eternally grateful for eBooks because I can’t fit another book in my personal library.

Encouraging Spiritual Health in Kids—8 Ideas

Practical ways to encourage spiritual growth in the lives of children you serve in ministry

1. Present the plan of salvation. Some kids in your children’s ministry may be ready to receive Jesus as Savior. Know how to share your faith or lead a child into God’s kingdom. Be aware of how different ages respond […]

DELTA Brings God’s Truth and Life Transformation to Kids

Large churches, small churches and those in between agree on one thing—reaching and discipling children for Christ may be the single most important ministry a church can undertake. Children are the future of the church. Studies indicate that 80% of believers accepted Christ as their Savior before age 13. It’s why effective, Bible-based kids […]

Getting to know God on a heart level involves talking with Him, not just learning about Him. Children talk naturally with their friends and family. Wouldn’t it be exciting if we could help them learn to talk to God just as easily!

First, kids need to understand exactly what it means to “pray.” Consider what […]

How to Guide Kids into the Kingdom

10 tips that will help you become more comfortable with inviting kids into a relationship with Jesus

As you get to know the kids in your children’s ministry this year, you’ll eventually get a feel for where they are spiritually. Pay attention to how they answer questions you ask during lessons and what kinds […]

16 Super Recruiting Ideas from Pioneer Clubs

Every kids ministry program needs volunteers to run it. So where did all the volunteers go? Finding people who genuinely want to serve kids and teach them about the love of Christ is not as difficult as it seems. Successful recruitment starts with the right attitude. You’re helping people find a place in their […]

Choosing a VBS Program is Like a Box of Chocolates…

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of February and spring is around the corner (at least, I hope it is).

And by “that time of year” I don’t mean a time for hearts and flowers and little cupids with bows and arrows. I don’t even mean it’s time to prepare the church […]

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