Happy Children Playing KidsOver the years we have seen time and time again how a good children’s Bible Club can make a difference in the life of a church. So last year I placed a series of calls to the pastor of a church in West Virginia in an effort to interest them in starting a Pioneer Club. Their constant refrain was, “we don’t have enough children.” Early one morning this past summer I got a call from Pastor John who said that God had been speaking to him about starting a Discovery Club (designed specifically for smaller churches). He said he was going on faith because of the size of the congregation but God had put it on his heart that this was the time to start. Earlier they had stopped most of their children’s programs because there were so few children.

Then this fall I received another call from Pastor John to tell me they wanted to start a Scooter Club (designed for pre-school through Kindergarten) because the response they were getting to Discovery was so positive. Shortly after that, I got a call from the church secretary who told me they have over 20 children coming on Sunday nights mostly from unreached families. The group had a Thanksgiving Dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving and every one of these families showed up. Because of the pastor simply listening to God’s will and following it, all of those children will be a big part of their Christmas program.

According to Pastor John this has revolutionized the church. Older folks who had not volunteered in years are stepping back up again. There’s a whole new spark throughout the congregation. Everyone at the church is excited; a whole new attitude has enveloped them. They know that God is doing something special at their church.

So is it time for your church to take a step of faith…and let a little child lead?

If so, call me Janet Williamson at 800-694-CLUB (2582) x 5753 and let’s see if a Pioneer Clubs program is right for your church.

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